The 5 Wealthiest Members of Congress (2010)

Benjamin Franklin once proposed that elected officials not be paid for their service to the nation -- a proposal that was quickly struck down by other representatives.

However, it must be said that during the recent recession members of Congress did conform somewhat to the idea of "austerity," and quietly declined their annual salary bump this year.

Don't worry though, they took their +2.8% raise last year (2009), which boosted their annual paycheck to $174,000.

There are some interesting names with interesting financial backgrounds on our list of the five wealthiest members of Congress.

We compiled this list according to each lawmaker's financial disclosure report, which he or she is required to file each year.

But bear in mind, these financial disclosures report each member's "minimum net worth," so each lawmaker's actual net worth could be much higher.

Here are the five congressmen and congresswomen with the highest net worth, according to