The 10 Worst-Performing Cities in America

We brought you the good news with a list of America’s best-performing cities. Now, we’re bringing the bad news.

They might be some of America’s top tourist destinations, but a lot of these cities are still hurting nearly three years after the official end of the recession. evaluated cities across the U.S. using indicators in the fourth quarter MetroMonitor from the Brookings Institute, focusing on employment, gross metro product and the real estate market.

One of America's favorite playgrounds tops the list with 12.7% unemployment, employment down 13.1% from peak, home prices down 64.8% and gross metro product down 12.1%.

Two of the most desirable states for weather and scenery, California and Arizona, follow close behind. Cities in Arizona, along with cities in the devastated Rust Belt are also on the list.

Read on to see if your hometown made our list of the worst-performing cities in America...

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