The 10 Best College Bargains in America

Like almost everything in America, the cost of college tuition increases every year.

For 2011-12, the average cost for an in-state student attending a four-year, public university hit $30,420, almost double the amount from 20 years ago. 

For out-of-state public and private university tuitions, the numbers are even more shocking -- $47,960 and $109,172 respectively. 

With bursar bills soaring sky-high and millions of post-grads struggling with student loan debt, it's more important than ever that prospective students search for true value in higher education. 


We determined the overall tuition costs according to the latest rankings and research from US News and World Reports and We then consider the starting and mid-career median pay from for each school.

The lowest tuition costs come from in-state tuition at a public college. The quality of education and overall value of the degree received is determined by the average salaries of recent graduates and mid-career earnings

The following schools each represent an excellent value for the money, making them 10 of the best college bargains in America.