The 20 Most Affordable, Fuel-Efficient Cars on the Market

The InvestingAnswers staff has compared 20 of the most popular fuel-efficient cars of 2011 to find out which vehicle best saves your wallet from the pain at the dealer, the pump and over the long run.

The fuel-efficient cars that made our list have been meticulously chosen according to their manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP), MPG (miles per gallon), annual fuel cost and total cost over five years.

The hybrids that made our list are compared to their non-hybrid counterparts to help you decide which version packs the most bang for your buck. 

To make our list, all cars had to not only show impressive MPG readings for their class, they also had to carry an affordable price tag and offer the lowest costs over a 5-year period (the average American keeps their car for 5 years). 

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Here are 20 of the top selling, fuel-efficient cars of 2011, in order from highest to lowest in overall cost for the first five years of ownership.

Note:  Fuel cost calculations are based on $3.60 per gallon gasoline. Total cost over five years calculation includes the purchase price of the vehicle, 6.0% financing and annual fuel cost over five years. Depreciation, repair and insurance costs are not calculated.