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The Next Stock To See A 1,000% Gain?

I'm not sure that there is any industry that creates millionaires faster than biotechnology. 

Alexion Pharmaceuticals (Nasdaq: ALXN) is a perfect example. As you can see in the price chart below, ten years ago Alexion had a share price of $6. Today those shares trade just under $180 -- up nearly 3,000%.

The hard part, of course, is finding companies like Alexion that can single-handedly provide a big boost to an investor's net worth. For every big success story there are many more failures in this sector.

That said, I recently came across a company with a novel cancer treatment technology that I believe could have "Alexion" type upside.

Let me explain…

In the early 1990s, an electrical engineer working for Ford Motors, Roger Dumoulin-White, was shown a prototype laser system by his father. His father had stumbled across the device -- purported to "heal tissue" -- while traveling in Europe.
Dumoulin-White was skeptical. But he was also intrigued at how light could impact a biological system.
After a year and a half of due diligence, he traveled to Brussels to meet the inventor of the technology and to talk with the scientists and doctors involved in the project.
Three weeks later, he bought the worldwide rights to the technology, flew back to Toronto, and started his own company, Theralase Technologies (OTC: TLTFF).

Today, Theralase is a leader in treating acute and chronic pain with Theralase's patented cold laser technology.

This laser technology is aimed at physicians, physiotherapists, chiropractors and athletic trainers.  The product is endorsed by professional sports teams including the Toronto Blue Jays, Montreal Canadians and Washington Wizards.

This isn't just an opportunity to treat rich athletes though, there's a potential game-changer that could turn this burgeoning company into a true life-altering investment…

Right now, Theralase may be on the verge of curing some kinds of cancer. 

If the company is successful (and it's already showing promising results) I believe investors could see gains of 1,000% or more in the next few years.

In short, the Theralase cancer treatment has been shown to eliminate cancerous tumors and prevent the recurrence of cancer. 

And it does it without subjecting the patient to the harmful side effects of chemotherapy, radiation or a surgeon's scalpel.

The Theralase treatment involves injecting photo-sensitive (or Photo-Dynamic) anti-cancer drugs at the site of a tumor. The drugs seek out fast-replicating cancer cells and are then activated only when exposed to light. 

Theralase's proposed treatment can be a far superior solution to other therapies that rely on drugs that take oxygen molecules from nearby tissues. Those therapies are useless against dense, fast growing cancers that have oxygen free cores (think breast, brain, lung and prostate).

Instead of oxygen, the chemical compounds in the Theralase treatments are triggered by light, which acts as the on/off switch.

Cancer is made up of cells that have lost the ability to die. The Theralase treatment allows those cancer cells to properly complete their circle of life and die off as they are supposed to. Put simply, the Theralase treatment doesn't involve cutting out a problem, it involves fixing something that is broken so that it functions properly.

Theralase didn't invent the drugs being used in this treatment, but rather licenses the drugs for use to work along with Theralase's patented deep-penetrating super-pulsed laser.

The company has been testing its anti-cancer technology on highly aggressive, subcutaneous (under the skin) colon cancer tumors in mice.

The results have exceeded even Theralase's expectations.

The treatments were shown to have completely destroyed the cancer tumors in the mice. Better still, the mice have remained cancer free for 20 months post treatment.

With those encouraging results in hand, the next step for Theralase is the preparation of human trials which are expected to start in January 2015, at the earliest.

Theralase is initially focusing this treatment on bladder cancer -- the 5th most common form of cancer in the United States with 70,000 new cases each year. Globally the annual number of bladder cases diagnosed is 386,000.

 Bladder cancer is the most expensive form of cancer to treat and it has an awful 80% rate of recurrence. In 2012 alone, $3.9 billion was spent treating the disease.

The current standard of care for bladder cancer has been virtually unchanged since 1998, which was when the last new drug was approved.

This is a form of cancer that is in desperate need of a step change in treatment. If Theralase succeeds in creating a therapy that kills this form of cancer, and with fewer side effects than conventional treatments… I believe its shares could see fast and huge upside gains.

Risks to consider: This is experimental biotechnology we are talking about here. While successes are very lucrative, the most likely result is disappointment.  Keep position sizes very small.

Action to take --> Take a very small position in Theralase Technologies for exposure to its potentially revolutionary cancer treatment. When the potential rewards are this large even a small position can turn into a large sum of money

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