Time Value of Money

Learn how to use time value of money concepts to determine the amount you need to invest if you're a saver or the cost of a loan if you're a borrower. 

Whether you're a long-term investor watching your money add up or a value investor reinvesting your dividends, this mathematical phenomenon is ultimately behind the growth of your bottom line. 
Would you rather have $24,000 today, or $25,000 one year from today? If you want to know which offer is the better deal, you'll need to know about present value.
Invest for the long-term to take advantage of what Albert Einstein reportedly called "the most powerful force on earth."

Future value is one of the most important concepts in finance. Luckily, once you learn a few tricks, you can calculate it easily using Microsoft Excel or a financial calculator.
Present value is one of the most important concepts in finance. Luckily, once you learn a few tricks, you can calculate it easily using Microsoft Excel or a financial calculator.

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Best execution refers to the imperative that a broker, market maker, or other agent acting on behalf of an investor is obligated to execute the investor's order in a way that is most advantageous to the investor rather than the agent.