11 Household Names That Will Vanish by 2012

Editor's Note: This article was updated on 7/1/11.

At InvestingAnswers, we've profiled a number of controversial and informative topics, from collapsing companies to the five wealthiest members of Congress, and most recently, The 359 Safest Banks in America.

Today our focus is on brands.

Since the economic crisis, many well-known brands have disappeared thanks to negative economic forces.

Either victims of the lingering recession or the financial meltdown, a surprising number of longtime consumer favorites are no longer around.

Brands that have been lost in recent years include Gourmet magazine, Pontiac, Circuit City, Saturn, Kodak Kodachrome, Home Depot Expo, Woolworths, Washington Mutual, Bombay Co., Skybus, Aloha Airlines and Sharper Image.

Today, there remain a number of large companies facing uneasy futures. To qualify for our list, the brand must be on a fast-track to disappear by the end of 2011, either through bankruptcy, acquisition or from its parent company being sold.

Whether they're going under, being bought out, or simply getting a new face, we believe these 11 companies will have a hard time making it to 2012 unchanged.

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