Financial Statement Analysis

No matter your current skill level, learn the basics of understanding financial statement analysis or implement expert equations to determine if a company's future will end in success or failure.

Learn how to break down a balance sheet to better understand a company's financial health. 
This often overlooked financial statement tells it's reader where the cash is coming from, and more importantly, if its burned away faster than its generated.
Many of this year's best performers have one thing in common: a highly valued underlying business. Sound hard to calculate? It's so easy, even my first grader can do it!

Margin analysis is a great tool to use when measuring the profitability of a company.  It is an inside look at how well management is able to turn sales into profit.
The operating margin may be one of the simplest ways to evaluate a company's prospects. Using a bit of simple math, you can find out if your favorite stock could be a potential winner.
We'll show you how to sift through financial statements to get the most useful information – and how to use that information to find some of the healthiest firms out there.

There's a tool available to investors who want to purge the most vulnerable companies from their portfolios: the Z-score.
Even in the context of law-abiding financial reporting, there is so much wiggle room in how accounting items are treated that investors may be missing some important details if they fail to really dig into the numbers.
Now we're using his equation to tell you which companies may be next in line. Could you predict the next Enron?

Best execution refers to the imperative that a broker, market maker, or other agent acting on behalf of an investor is obligated to execute the investor's order in a way that is most advantageous to the investor rather than the agent.