Laura Mohammad Assistant Editor

A second-generation wordsmith, I fell in love with The Craft in fifth grade while taking edits from my father in my native town of Tallahassee, Fla. I spent my high school summers reading every book and play in my parents' voluminous library - when I wasn't performing in plays, singing in concerts or tearing down pool lanes in swim meets.

As a writer and editor, I have produced for The New York Times and its papers, Toyota Motor Sales and American City Business Journals publications. While I have covered everything from murders to brisket recipes, my focus has long been writing for and about businesses, with a special interest in personal finance. Although I still have ink in my veins, in recent years I have worked almost entirely online. 

Today, I share my Northwest Austin home with my UT-Austin-professor husband, our rather noisy 15-year-old and 13-year-old boys, and a scoundrel collie named Cuervo.

What is the best investment you’ve made in your life, so far?

Buying New York Times stock.

What is the worst investment you’ve made in your life, so far?

Keeping New York Times stock (too long).

What is the biggest thing you look forward to in retirement?

Spending the summer in Jordan without once checking email.

What is your perfect “Saturday”?

Waking up before the sun, walking four miles and taking my boys to the Farmer’s Market for soft tacos.